What is Shannon Sharpe & Skip Bayless beef about? Looking at conflicts & discord between two NBA analysts

The beef between Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless seemingly started after Bayless’ comments regarding Damar Hamlin’s collapse. Buffalo Bills safety Hamlin crumpled on the ground after taking a shot to the head and chest against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this year.

Bayless promptly posted a message on Twitter that many thought was just insensitive and out of line. Several NFL players and most fans ripped the longtime TV sports talk show host for it. Sharpe was one of those who felt the same way.

Shannon Sharpe did not show up for work the following morning, probably a sign of protest against Skip Bayless’ tweet. The three-time Super Bowl winner attempted to explain his absence when Bayless quickly cut him, prompting the former NFL tight end to say:

“I cannot even get through a monologue without you interrupting me. I was just gonna say, Skip, I didn’t want yesterday to get into a situation where Damar Hamlin was an issue.

“We should have been talking about him, and not [getting] into your tweet. That’s what I was gonna do. But you can’t even let me finish my opening monologue without you interrupting.”

Bayless didn’t stand down and responded that he thought the tweet wasn’t going to be an issue. He also said that the Fox Sports management didn’t call him out for the said post on social media.

Although “Undisputed” is a debate show, many predicted that the argument between the two about Hamlin was the breaking point of an already tense partnership.

Marcellus Wiley who worked at Fox Sports for four years, had this to say on Instagram:

“This is primal. This is two alphas fighting for territory. This is about power. Because that dynamic of power on that show has shifted, whether it’s real or imagined. Right now, we’re all seeing that battle for it. Let’s see who comes out undisputed.”

After the 2023 NBA Finals, Shannon Sharpe left Skip Bayless and “Undisputed.” Fox Sports has reportedly replaced Sharpe with Richard Sherman, another former NFL great.

Shannon Sharpe left Skip Bayless to join Stephen A. Smith

There was plenty of speculation about Shannon Sharpe’s plan after leaving Skip Bayless and “Undisputed.” Stephen A. Smith, Bayless’ former debate partner, told curious fans after Sharpe left Fox Sports that he would welcome the Denver Broncos great.

News has recently come out that Sharpe has now agreed to be a guest of Smith’s on “First Take.” He will appear on Mondays and Tuesdays to spar with the legendary sports analyst.

Sharpe has come full circle. He used to be a guest at ESPN while Bayless and Smith were the hosts. He’s now back in “First Take” as one of Smith’s debate partners.

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