What is a Custom Basketball Dry Erase Board?

Coaching is practically a full-time job.  There’s a lot that goes into the process, and it takes a lot of knowledge and know-how of the actual sport. It puts us in a unique position, too, especially if we are coaching for college teams (or anything higher).

Training our players and helping them to reach their utmost potential isn’t always easy. When we have new tools available to us, we should do our best to utilize them. One such option is dry erase boards. They’re not exactly “new” technology or anything, but let’s face it – sometimes the classics are the best option.

This is certainly the case in this type of circumstance, so that’s something to keep in mind. There’s a pretty good chance that you already use a whiteboard, but why not get one that’s customized both for your team and for the sport itself? That’s why custom basketball dry erase coaching boards have gotten much more popular lately. If you want to learn more about them, make sure to stick around. Read more at this site.

What are They?

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Mostly likely, we all already know what dry erase boards are. Just in case anyone here doesn’t, though, let’s briefly discuss how they work and what they are. Naturally, they’re a type of board that you hang up somewhere or have in a portable variant that can be written on multiple times.

In order to reuse them, we do have to write on them with special dry erase markers. Permanent markers would, of course, leave permanent writing or marks. What makes these specific types of boards special, though?

For the most part, the main appeal is that you can have them customized to suit your specific needs. That includes images of the way your local basketball court is set up (or simply an image of a basketball court at all). While that mind sound a bit “extra,” think of it this way – it’s pretty important to strategize our plays, right?

When we can’t visualize the court at the same time, it won’t be as effective. Especially for those of us out there who are visual learners – and a lot of folks who play sports are. It’s really the main appeal of getting these custom boards since you’ll be able to plan out the various plays in great detail. That can get down to the details of where each player will stand in the court!

Team Spirit

Now, one of the most important parts of coaching is building team spirit. Put simply, it’s what helps keep players motivated and ready for their next game no matter what.

While this might sound cheesy, one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to have your team logo and mascot everywhere you can. Yes – this does include on your dry erase board for planning out your plays!  Again, it probably seems a bit silly at face value, but you’d be surprised at how impactful even subtle displays of spirit can be.

What Makes a Dry Erase Board High-Quality?

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Finally, let’s discuss what might make you want to choose one board over the others.  Obviously, the prospect of being able to customize one is pretty excellent in this sense, but there’s more to the picture as well.

With that said, the most important part of a whiteboard like this is the quality of the board itself. Some of them are incredibly difficult to clean even if we are wiping them off frequently – they seem to hang onto the color. A mark of quality is that they can last for ten or more years while needing minimal maintenance and a normal cleaning schedule.

The marks lingering after they’ve been erased is called “ghosting” in this context, and a glossy finish on the board can help prevent this. It’s quite annoying to have to ignore those ghost marks, so you can probably understand why this is such a big deal – especially in these circumstances, where you will probably end up with basketball court diagrams on the board.

Of course, another aspect that can make one more appealing than others is if it is able to be easily mounted on the wall. Whether it’s with magnets or some other system that’s included, no one really wants to deal with the hassle when they’re installing a whiteboard. So, that’s something to watch for on vendors’ sites.

At the end of the day, having a way to coach our teams with efficiency and efficacy is something that all of us coaches strive for. Why not take that to the next level?

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