Stephen A. Smith reaches new low with Rogan-level conspiracy theories

Just because you’re rich and famous, doesn’t mean you’re smart. That’s never been clearer in society (hi Elon, never been a fan). Pretty sure that’s what Good Charlotte was singing about. In today’s edition of showing your celebrity ass, mostly figurative, sometimes literal, welcome to the party Stephen A. Smith! The ESPN analyst’s latest attention-grabbing statements revolve around the Jan. 6 insurrection and recent deranged comments from UFC commentator, former Fear Factor host, and current conspiracy-laced podcaster Joe Rogan. What a pair these two schmucks are.

Rogan made an incorrect judgment earlier this week when he said the attack on the Capitol was a false-flag incident. In the vicious circle that is podcasters talking about other podcasters, because why else would you have a podcast, Smith weighed in on those wrong thoughts, giving dumb opinions of his own. I won’t run down everything he said because I’d like you to not feel like drinking bleach after digesting my content, something Smith and I don’t have in common. I will tell you a great way to make a point is not starting out like Stephen A did. “I have no clue what Joe Rogan is talking about,” Smith said before going on a rant about it, because podcasting!

Next came this word salad: “And by that I mean, I have no idea whether he’s right or whether he’s wrong. I am not siding with him, I’m not saying he’s all right, but I’m not summarily dismissing every and any syllable he echoes as conspiracy theories.” Huh? For all the information you know, or maybe pretend to know, about sports, you can’t Google it? Rogan is 1000 percent wrong, and any basic due diligence on the internet would prove such. And this isn’t meant to be political from Smith’s end, by giving the fringes an inch, they take a mile. And Smith putting their alternative facts up against reality is just as bad as lying, especially because Smith knows better.

Smith defending Rogan’s right to believe conspiracy theories shouldn’t be infringed. Criticizing both of their dumbass behaviors shouldn’t be either. Smith trying to speak up for Rogan’s ability for free speech is also flawed based on his own arguments. Smith makes clear he wants to straddle the fence and not piss off liberals or conservatives, but opines that as long as Rogan clarifies his stance as an opinion, it’s fine. If you listen to Rogan’s comments, he states something wildly untrue and says “That’s a fact” right after. So there goes that whole theory. Basic research isn’t allowed on podcasts it turns out.

This is just the latest example of Smith spouting something he doesn’t know jack about. Usually his antics are confined to sports, where hot takes turning out to be wrong has become a right of passage for when the half-court shot actually goes through the net. This is an example of Smith throwing things into the ether to get attention. And so, I guess I’m guilty of biting for calling out his idiocy. We’ll see how long it takes before Smith needs to steal more attention away from things that actually matter for his deranged thoughts. 

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