Stan Kroenke net worth, franchises owned & how he made his money

Without question, Stan Kroenke’s net worth is a crazy high number. In fairness, the number of pro sports teams that he owns is also ridiculously high, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Stan Kroenke’s net worth is out of this world. Not many people qualify as one of the richest NFL owners and one of the richest NBA owners, but Kroenke fits both descriptions and so much more.

Who Is Stan Kroenke?

But both inside and outside of his business ventures and sports teams, who is Stan Kroenke?

Most people only know him as a rich businessman and owner, as well as what they see in the headlines. But that doesn’t always fully encapsulate a person. With that said, let’s get to know Kroenke a little better.

What is Stan Kroenke’s net worth?

First, we will get the biggest question out of the way. As of 2023, Stan Kroenke’s net worth is estimated at around $12.9 billion.

He doesn’t quite qualify as one of the 100 richest people in the world, although he’s awfully close.

Where did Stan Kroenke grow up?

Kroenke grew up in the small town of Mora, Missouri, which is actually considered an unincorporated community. He comes from somewhat humble beginnings, although he showed a knack for business early in his life.

Growing up, Kroenke’s father owned a lumber company with Kroenke’s first job coming sweeping the floor inside the lumber business. However, he turned out to be far more valuable than that.

Apparently, Kroenke was managing the books for his father’s lumber business by the age of 10. He also played basketball and baseball and ran track in high school before eventually getting his undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Missouri.

How did Stan Kroenke get rich?

Stan Kroenke certainly didn’t get rich by managing the books at his father’s lumber company. Rather, most of his fortune was built through his ventures as a real estate developer.

He also had the benefit of marrying Ann Walton, the daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton. To be fair, when Kroenke met his future wife, he was already a successful real estate developer and Walmart was far from the giant corporation it is today.

However, Kroenke did use Walmart as an anchor business for many of the shopping centers he’s built which fueled his wealth. Kroenke’s business ventures also include working ranches and a winery, giving him a diversified portfolio outside of all of the sports-related entities he owns.

What teams does Stan Kroenke own?

Stan Kroenke owns no less than five American pro sports franchises. He owns the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, the Colorado Rapids of MLS, and the Colorado Mammoth, a box lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League. Kroenke also owns two esports franchises, the Los Angeles Gladiators of the Overwatch League, and the Los Angeles Guerrillas of the Call of Duty League. 

Of course, Kroenke’s ownership of the Nuggets and Avalanche is somewhat unofficial. In order to buy the Rams, Kroenke had to pass ownership of the Nuggets and Avalanche to his wife. Doing so satisfied an NFL rule that forbids owners from owning teams in other pro sports leagues in other markets.

In 2011, “Kroenke buys Arsenal” headlines shook up the sports world further, as Kroenke gained the controlling interest of Arsenal F.C. of the English Premier League, as well as the Arsenal Women’s F.C. of the Women’s Super League. Kroenke had already been a member of the Arsenal board but increased his share of the club to nearly 63% in 2011. By 2018, Kroenke had purchased roughly 90% of Arsenal with plans to eventually control all shares of the club.

It should be no surprise that Kroenke has built a virtual sports empire. In addition to his business acumen, Kroenke’s father also passed down to him a love of sports. Specifically, Kroenke’s father was a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and named his son Stan after Stan Musial. 

Have Stan Kroenke’s sports teams been successful under his leadership?

The teams Kroenke owns have had mixed results during his reign. He bought the Avalanche and Nuggets in 2000 with the Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup in 2001 and 2022.

The Nuggets, meanwhile, endured many ups and downs but finally had their breakthrough season in 2023, reaching the NBA Finals. The Rapids also won MLS Cup in 2010 with Kroenke as the owner but have otherwise struggled to maintain a consistent level of success.

Meanwhile, Kroenke bought 30% of the Rams in 1995, facilitating a move from Los Angeles to St. Louis. He became the full-time owner of the Rams in 2010 and no doubt hoped to build one of the great NFL dynasties.

However, the Rams didn’t make the playoffs until after Kroenke moved the franchise back to Los Angeles, causing a backlash in his home state of Missouri. Of course, in their first six seasons back in Los Angeles, the Rams reached the Super Bowl twice, winning Super Bowl LVI.

Does Stan Kroenke own a lot of land?

Yes, on top of owning several sports franchises, Stan Kroenke is also one of the biggest landowners in the U.S. As mentioned, much of his fortune was built via real estate and ranching.

As a result, Kroenke reportedly owns 60 million square feet of real estate and nearly 1.4 million acres of land, making him among the top-five private landowners in the U.S. In 2016, Kroenke purchased a ranch that’s over 500,000 acres. The sale is believed to be the largest ranch sale ever while the ranch is believed to be the largest ranch in the U.S. that sits behind a single fence.

Is Stan Kroenke a private person?

Yes, Stan Kroenke is an incredibly private person, which is why he’s been nicknamed “Silent Stan.”

Despite owning an impressive amount of land and several pro sports franchises, he actively avoids the spotlight and rarely gives interviews or makes public appearances. In other words, Kroenke is one of the more reclusive billionaires in the world.

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