My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1 release date, where to watch, and more

My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1 is coming out on August 17, 2023, at 3:00 am ET in the US. This fun American cartoon started on February 9, 2023, and quickly became a favorite for many. It tells the story of a family in space and has a mix of action, humor, and adventure.

In just a short time after its first episode, the show got really popular. This cartoon is special because it combines family stories, space travels, and funny moments. It’s different from other cartoons we’ve seen before.

My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1 release time for different time zones

The clock is ticking down to August 17, 2023, the official release date for My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1. As fans across the globe eagerly await the show, it’s essential to note the time differences so no one misses out. The episode will premiere on Netflix in the US at 3:00 am ET. For international fans, here are some timings:

  • United Kingdom: 7:00 am GMT
  • Canada: 4:30 am NT
  • Australia: 5:00 pm AEST
  • India: 12:30 pm IST
  • Korea: 4:00 pm KST
  • Japan: 4:00 pm JST
  • Philippines: 3:00 PM PHT

Whether you’re tuning in from the bustling streets of New York or the serene landscapes of the Philippines, ensure you mark your calendars and set your alarms to catch My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1!

Where to watch/stream My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1

The thrilling adventures of this bounty-hunting family are exclusively available on Netflix. With a subscription, viewers from around the world can dive into the escapades of the main characters, from intense space battles to intimate family moments.

For a seamless experience, ensure you’re subscribed to Netflix and have your reminders set for August 17, 2023, to stream My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1!

What happens in the show?

The show revolves around Terry, a seemingly ordinary dad with a big secret: he’s a bounty hunter in space! While he’s just a regular father to most people, he chases down space criminals behind the scenes and navigates the vast cosmos.

His children, Lisa and Sean, are clueless about this hidden side of their dad. One day, Lisa and Sean stumble upon the truth about their dad’s secret job. This revelation pulls them into a world full of excitement and danger.

As they travel through space with Terry, they meet many strange and fascinating aliens. They find themselves in the middle of thrilling battles, always unsure if they’ll make it out safely. Every day becomes an unpredictable journey filled with ups and downs.

Beyond the adventures and action, the show holds more profound meaning. It beautifully showcases a black family’s experiences and challenges, bringing themes of love, unity, and strength to the forefront.

Viewers and critics have praised the series for its entertaining plot and its impactful portrayal of family dynamics and important societal messages.

What to expect from My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1

Season 2 is here, and it’s gearing up to be even more thrilling than the last one! In the opening episode, we’ll see Sean and Lisa trying to return to their everyday lives.

They just finished a wild space adventure with their dad, and now, they hope for some calm and regular days. But guess what? Life has other plans for them!

Just as things start to feel normal, there’s a huge twist. Their dad, the brave bounty hunter, is taken away by space enemies. These aren’t just any enemies; they come from faraway galaxies.

So, they’re thrown into a brand-new space mission even before Sean and Lisa can catch a break. The adventures never stop for this family!

Here’s the most exciting part: It’s not just their dad leading the action this time. Their mother takes charge! She’s ready to show everyone she’s as tough and smart as her husband.

The family is all set for this new journey, along with some familiar faces and new friends. Mixing family love, brave missions, and loads of adventure, My Dad The Bounty Hunter season 2 episode 1 will be one you won’t forget in a hurry.

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