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IDIOT OF THE MONTH: People doing stupid things

Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills are a match made in contemporary celebrity culture’s hell. Not long after Williamson revealed he and his high school sweetheart girlfriend Tiana White were expecting a child, porn star Moriah Mills exposed Williamson’s infidelity in a series of explicit tweets. To say Williamson has been unfaithful is an understatement. Mills even brought receipts in the form of screenshots that painted Williamson in a grimy light. Mills clearly felt spurned by Williamson treating her like a jumpoff, but it’s not exactly clear how a 30-year-old porn star who admits she was being paid a 100k monthly allowance to be a 22-year-old NBA player’s secret “girlfriend” expected this to have a fairytale ending.

Meanwhile, the ordeal made Williamson look like a dweeb and a dirtbag. In the midst of her rant, Mills also called Williamson out as a sex addict, and she might not be far from the truth there. Williamson keeps finding himself in these situations. Despite being with the same women since high school, Williamson has been recklessly chasing women in these social media streets. After all, this is the same guy who was getting his business put on front street while asking UNC coeds out on Snapchat while he was at Duke. Williamson hasn’t learned much since then and appears to be enjoying the trappings of superstardom too much.

Over the years and in the last few weeks, multiple women have come forward to claim Williamson connected with them on social media and used them for consensual sex. Williamson has never been accused of being anything more than a horny nitwit though, but he’s got to develop his frontal lobe to avoid the positions like the one he now finds himself in with Mills that’s made him a laughingstock.

For almost the entire month of June, Mills inundated all of Twitter with all the personal information we never needed about Williamson’s sex life and has been on a month-long rampage bordering on corrosive obsession. What started out as an instance of a woman scorned reached its boiling point when Mills threatened to release an explicit video of herself and Williamson if the Pelicans didn’t trade him before the NBA Draft. Ironically, in doing so, she may have tanked his trade value while rumors swirled he would be shopped for a top-3 pick.

Twitter, which frowns more upon threats of revenge porn, and blackmail than it does its online bigotry, quickly suspended Mills’ account. It should have ended there. Instead, Mills kept the attention-seeking stunts going by posting a video to Instagram of herself getting Zion tattooed on her face and has since claimed to be pregnant. If it’s true, her gender reveal video will undoubtedly be turned into stomach-churning original content. The commodification of her personal life has probably been a boon for her name recognition and by extension, her OnlyFans (no, I won’t link to it) and reminds me of the recent “Joan is Awful” Black Mirror episode in which a woman’s daily life becomes content for an A.I.-produced hit streaming show. Well, here we are. Zion and Moriah are both awful.

Zion may have started this as the chief idiot in this entanglement, but Mills has been steadily doing everything she can to outdo him by making him, and herself look like fools online. We’ll have to call this one a tie for now. Maybe none of this would have happened if Williamson had broken things off with Mills long before announcing his long-time girlfriend’s pregnancy to the world, but Williamson wasn’t thinking with his right mind. The real victim in this is Tiana and his unborn child who didn’t do anything to earn this negativity.

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