Fantasy fresh starts and fascinating new beginnings this upcoming NFL season

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It’s a very sentimental episode of the podcast as our dear host Matt Harmon leads his very last one in Los Angeles before he makes the cross country move to Virginia. With Harmon set for a fresh start and new beginning we figured we could highlight the most interesting “fresh starts” this upcoming NFL season.

Andy Behrens joins this special episode with Matt and to talk moving, marriage and Matt Ryan amongst other things. Harmon and Behrens discuss Ryan’s transition to the CBS booth and if he could be considered a hall of fame candidate. The two also try to identify which young promising QBs in the AFC could end up having a Matt Ryan-like career.

Andy and Matt then share their top 5 most fascinating fresh starts this year that could have major fantasy implications. While both kept their list secret ahead of time they each landed on the same team for the top pick.

Producer Collin Brennan also makes his podcast debut to defend his beloved Dallas Cowboys and stirs a debate if there are any parallels between Matt Harmon’s move and Aaron Rodgers‘ move to New York.

1:37 – How Matt Harmon’s cross country move is working out

4:36 – Is Matt Ryan a hall of famer?

9:43 – Which young AFC QB is this era’s Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers?

18:14 – Identifying favorite fantasy football ‘fresh starts’

19:44 – Does this new TE finally realize his potential in Cincy?

24:46 – Why Nick Chubb has a truly fresh start in Cleveland

28:54 – Another guy in Cleveland looking for a fresh start

36:55 – Why a Dalvin Cook-Minnesota divorce is good thing for everyone

43:23 – Why Sean Payton has the freshest of starts in Denver

55:18 – The entire Ravens offense is hitting the refresh button

58:18 – Calvin Ridley‘s new beginning in Jacksonville

1:02:43 – Why Washington has a fresh start in more ways than one

1:11:56 – Is Matt Harmon Aaron Rodgers?

1:13:23 – Matt says goodbye to LA

Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens share their list of the top 5 moves made this offseason that will have the biggest fantasy impact this season.

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