Cody Rhodes busted open after apparent botch on WWE RAW; bleeding freely

Cody Rhodes opened up WWE RAW this week and also had the first match of the night. Unfortunately, there would be a botch that left him bleeding freely at the end of the match.

Cody confronted Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley this week after the latter was presented with a new championship to kick off the show. This came after the two ambushed him last week, and Dominik slapped him before hiding behind his “Mami.”

He challenged Dominik to a bout at Money in the Bank, but first, he had to face The Miz this week on RAW.

While Cody Rhodes went on to defeat The Miz, during the match, there was a botch that saw him cut open on the back of his head. He was thrown into the ring steps during the match that saw a laceration open up on the back of his head.

The star didn’t let that stop him, but fans immediately noticed that his head was bleeding again and pointed it out on social media.

Did Cody hit his head or sum, cuz why it’s bleeding 🩸 in the back #WWERAW

While it’s not confirmed, it appears that the moment he was Irish Whipped into the ring steps was when the botch happened, with the cut appearing soon after. It remains to be seen whether he will address the gash on social media.

What do you think of Dominik Mysterio’s match against Cody Rhodes at WWE Money in the Bank? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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