AEW star’s 357-day undefeated streak comes to an end on Blood & Guts

AEW’s Blood & Guts delivered a thrilling opener with an intense clash between two rising stars, Hook and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

The atmosphere was electric as fans eagerly witnessed Hook’s impressive 357-day undefeated streak being put on the line against Jungle Boy. The highly anticipated match for the AEW FTW title was electrifying setting the tone for the entire match. Perry embracing his newfound heel persona and displayed remarkable skills and determination throughout the contest.

In the final moments of the bout, chaos ensued when the referee Paul Turner was hurt after a brutal corner smash. Seizing the opportunity, Hook executed his signature Taz-Plex move on Jungle Boy but was left without a referee to count the pinfall.

Jungle Boy” Jack Perry took advantage and struck Hook across the head with the FTW title. It paved the way for him to deliver a one-arm pin to snatch the victory with a sly grin on his face.

Jungle Boy’s transformation into a heel character has been captivating and his latest achievement adds to his impressive momentum. Hook had clinched the title at Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen last year, cementing his status as an unbeatable force in AEW until now.

What are your thoughts on Hook losing the FTW title? Sound off in the comments section below.

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