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5 WWE storylines that were dropped abruptly

It feels great to watch an outstanding match, but witnessing an epic storyline is a different feeling in WWE. It leaves fans longing for the next week’s programming every time.

While the company boasts some of the most impressive pro-wrestling storylines, it also has some of the worst ones.


Click on the video above to see the full list and subscribe to Sportskeeda Wrestlebinge for more such content.

Further, there are a few stories that might have been very different for the better or worse, but never reached its conclusion. These storylines were dropped abruptly by the company.

No one knows what could have happened had these storylines continued up until their end.

These WWE storylines were dropped before they could get any worse

The five storylines we have chosen for the list in the video above are:

  • The Bray Brock Bobby triangle
  • Liv Morgan and Lana were lovers?
  • Is Vince McMahon dead?
  • Dean Ambrose in an intergender feud
  • Alexa Bliss takes therapy.

Watch the above video in its entirety to learn more about these storylines. The conclusion of these stories could not see the light of day as WWE dropped them abruptly.

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