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1 Crawford has every right to call himself the pound-for-pound number one

It’s an odd and ultimately meaningless concept, the pound-for-pound list, but if for some reason you buy into it and are looking to crown a number one, you could do worse than make Crawford your man. He is 40-0 now and appears in no danger of spoiling his record anytime soon.

2 He’s as good southpaw as he is orthodox

Known to switch from fight to fight, and also during fights, Crawford can operate with aplomb from both southpaw and orthodox stances. To see him essentially beat Spence at his own game, however, was a chilling reminder of just how adaptable Crawford is as a fighter.

3 Composure is everything

While it would be presumptuous to say Spence was nervous, or perhaps didn’t rise to the occasion, it is far easier to say Crawford seemed unfussed by pretty much everything that happened in the ring during their fight. Quite the mindset, too, given all that was at stake.

4 The jab is a power punch

Although plenty was achieved with his left cross, right hook, and a variety of uppercuts in close, Crawford’s main weapon against Spence was his ramrod right jab, which numbed and steadied his rival on numerous occasions.

5 Crawford is simply the more durable fighter

He didn’t take a lot against Spence, but the few shots he did feel appeared to have no effect whatsoever on Crawford. Conversely, Spence was rocked whenever anything thrown by Crawford landed clean.

Down goes Spence (Getty Images)

6 Crawford was the fan favourite

Spence was not without his support, both during fight week and in the arena on fight night, but it was Crawford who entered the ring to a louder ovation and it was Crawford everybody was talking about after the fight had finished.

7 Spence and his supporters were shocked

When coming out of the arena there was a sense of disbelief on the faces and in the voices of all the fans wearing Team Spence T-shirts. “I knew he was good, that boy,” said one of them on his way out, “but I didn’t know he was good like that.”

8 The rematch would be cruel and ridiculous

The idea of a rematch between these two seemed unlikely by the end of round two. By the end of round seven, meanwhile, it seemed not only a fight impossible to sell but also a fight Spence should be moved away from at all costs. He will only get hurt – again.

9 Crawford has shot himself in the foot

By beating Spence so easily, and removing both the need for a December rematch and any intrigue surrounding their rivalry, Crawford has as good as closed off an option he was banking on in order to cement his legacy in the sport. Now, whereas before Spence was deemed his equal, the Texan has become merely another of Crawford’s victims.

10 Perfection is possible

All right, it wasn’t quite perfect (Crawford did get hit a few times), but as far as achieving perfection in a boxing ring goes, Crawford’s dismantling of Spence is as close as you ever likely to see.

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