World Cup preparations hit as fire breaks out at Eden Gardens dressing room

A fire broke out in the players’ dressing room at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, where matches for the 2023 Cricket World Cup are scheduled to be held later this year. 

Reports from Indian media indicate that the fire originated during ongoing renovation work within the dressing room on Thursday.

Upon discovering the fire, the stadium staff promptly notified local authorities, leading to the swift response of fire crews who swiftly took control of the situation. After hours of dedicated effort, the fire was successfully brought under control.


Fire breaks out at Eden Gardens dressing room on Wednesday night when the renovation work was going on before World Cup 2023.

The workers immediately informed the fire dept and two fire tenders were rushed to douze the fire .

( Video last night )

— Syeda Shabana (@ShabanaANI2) August 10, 2023

Eden Gardens will host five matches during the World Cup, including Pakistan’s matches against Bangladesh (October 31) and England (November 11). Pakistan will also play their semi-final in Kolkata, if they qualify.

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