WATCH: Punjab Police ‘detain’ world snooker champion Ahsan Ramzan

LAHORE: World and Asian Under-21 snooker champion Ahsan Ramzan was allegedly detained by the Punjab police. 

According to a video message shared by Ahsan, the police raided the snooker academy for training late into the night and took the champion player to the police station. 

Ahsan has demanded a complete inquiry from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Inspector General of Police Usman Anwar.

The snooker champion in his video statement recounted that he was with other players training for upcoming events at a snooker academy in the Township area when cops from Green Town Police Station raided the snooker club for keeping it open till late at night. 

Upon Ahsan’s introduction and subsequent refusal to close the club, the police allegedly took him to the police station, refusing to listen to home. 

They took his mobile phone and belt and locked him up. Ahsan was taken out of custody after his close friend reached the police station. 

Ahsan, who won the titles of World and Asian Champion recently, cried while narrating the incident. 

Pictures of the world champion putting on his belt can be seen outside the jail.


Ahsan puts on his belt outside the jail. — Photo by author

In the video, he said that he told the policemen that he was the world champion. They responded: “You have done that for yourself.”

He added: “I have always tried to uplift my country, and I was successful, but what did I know that I will be humiliated in my own country?” 

He further remarked that it seemed to him that snooker was the only game in this country that seemed to be treated as an “orphan” and was neglected.

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