Source: SDSU remains member of Mountain West

San Diego State’s standing with the Mountain West has been crystallized.

A source told ESPN on Tuesday night that the conference informed San Diego State that it is a member in good standing.

According to a source, this step in the recently complicated relationship between the Mountain West and SDSU means the school will soon receive the $6.6 million that the league was withholding.

Those frozen assets came in the wake of SDSU’s muddled attempt to announce its exit last month. The Mountain West took the school’s initial letter about its intention to withdraw as an actual withdrawal, setting up an awkward back-and-forth that appears to be complete.

The Mountain West presidents met Monday. Kicking San Diego State out of the league wasn’t ever really an option, according to sources, but the school is expected to have to cover the modest legal fees for the legal attention necessitated by the back-and-forth.

San Diego State had initially asked for a month extension past June 30 in order to let the Pac-12 protracted television contract play out. News emerged Tuesday that having that extra month may not have helped, as the Pac-12 will not announce a television deal at media days, and it’s unlikely the league will have a television contract by the end of July.

San Diego State is expected to remain in the Mountain West for at least the next two years, as the fee to withdraw before then is nearly $34 million.

Yahoo Sports first reported SDSU’s receiving notice that it’s still a member.

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