Shadab Khan reacts to Sarfaraz Ahmed’s captaincy endorsement

Shadab Khan expressed his heartfelt appreciation towards former national captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed, for considering him as a potential future skipper of the Pakistan team.

The discussion took place during a YouTube podcast where Sarfaraz was asked to identify the player among Shaheen Afridi, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Rizwan who possesses the potential to lead the Pakistan team across all three formats in the future. Without any hesitation, Sarfaraz promptly named Shadab Khan as his choice.

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Shadab reacted to the statement by Sarfaraz and conveyed his gratitude towards him for the confidence and belief he has shown in his abilities.

“No, I haven’t seen the podcast, but someone was telling me about it. Sarfaraz is our captain, big brother, and mentor from the beginning. So I don’t know what he saw in me that made him say such things, but if he feels that way, then Allah must have given me those qualities,” Shadab said.

 The 24-year-old also emphasized his belief in destiny and fate, expressing that he does not dwell on what lies ahead. Instead, he focuses on representing his team with pride and honor.

“I don’t think too much about the future. I believe that whatever Allah has destined for me, whatever is in my fate, I will receive it. And I am trying to make Pakistan proud as a player. I try my best, keep performing, and go to the ground with a clear and righteous intention, these things matter to me, that I give my 100 percent,” he concluded.

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