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Report: Vinícius requests to delay court date

Real Madrid forward Vinícius Júnior has asked a Valencia court to postpone his scheduled testimony in a racist abuse case because he is on holiday, according to EFE.

As a victim, Vinícius is due to testify via video conference on Tuesday to a judge analysing evidence against three individuals accused of racially abusing the Brazilian forward during a Spanish league game at Valencia on May 21.

Vinícius, 22, is reported to be on vacation in Miami, Florida, and a judge will have to decide whether to grant the player’s request to reschedule.

A court in Valencia last month opened an investigation into the alleged racist episode.

The game was halted for 10 minutes as Vinícius pointed out people who were abusing him in the Mestalla stands.

Two of the three individuals identified by Vinícius and by security cameras at the stadium have already testified in front of a judge while the last one will do so on July 11.

Valencia banned those three fans for life from their stadium.

LaLiga has filed several formal complaints to authorities over insults against the Brazilian, with some of them being shelved.

The incident at the Mestalla stadium was the latest case of racist abuse suffered by Vinícius in LaLiga and prompted widespread reaction from government officials in Spain and worldwide.

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