Iftikhar Ahmed stuns fans with fluent Urdu at Global T20 Canada 2023

Cricket fraternity heaps praise on Iftikhar Ahmed, Pakistan’s middle-order sensation and the Captain of Surrey Jaguars, for his impressive display of Urdu-speaking skills during the toss at the Global T20 Canada 2023.

As he stood at the center of the pitch, Iftikhar’s demeanor exuded assurance and pride as he conducted the toss and spoke in Urdu, which is the national language of Pakistan.

The middle-order batters’ decision to promote Urdu, showcased his unwavering connection to his roots and cultural heritage.


i love him for this no you don’t understand pic.twitter.com/CekUd5byNn

— مریم (@_noeleven11) July 29, 2023

Social media platforms were abuzz with admiration for the captain’s thoughtful gesture, as fans praised him for his leadership on and off the field.


Confident Iftikhar as he speaks in Urdu during toss at Global T20 League in Canada. Pakistan’s middle order sensation is the Captain of Surrey Jaguars.#GT20 #GT20Canada #SurreyJaguars #Surrey #Jaguars #Iftikhar #IftikharAhmed #Iftimania #Ifti #Pakistan #CricketTwitter #Canada pic.twitter.com/QN2LEQs374

— The Headline (@theheadlinepk) July 29, 2023


Iftikhar ahmed you won our hearts❤️.@IftiMania #IftiMania https://t.co/EeLQltOiy7

— Hadia Waseem (@SamiaWaseem3) July 29, 2023


Iftikhar Ahmed is the star! not that Random Broadcaster! Kudos to my man what an example to follow! https://t.co/7YydnTKcDb

— شیری بذاتِ خود (@ShehrozAzizz) July 29, 2023


Ifti Mania is changing the World by promoting Urdu🥹💯. #IftiMania pic.twitter.com/pyMbvqAsei

— Shaharyar Ejaz 🏏 (@SharyOfficial) July 29, 2023


A true promoter of our national language 💕♥️

— Khurram🇵🇰 (@KhurramRANA21) July 29, 2023

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