‘Change your number plate’: Babar Azam stopped by Excise officers in Lahore

On a bustling day at Liberty Chowk, one of Lahore’s prominent landmarks, Babar Azam found himself at the center of attention. As Pakistan captain maneuvered his Audi through the congested streets, he was stopped by excise officers who suspected a possible violation. The officers promptly approached the vehicle, and Azam calmly cooperated with them, fully aware of the responsibilities that come with being a public figure.

The officers noticed that the numbers on his plate were unusually small and did not comply with the standard size regulations. Concerned about adherence to the rules, the officers recommended that Babar replace his number plate with a standard one.

The excise officers, in adherence to their duty, also verified Babar Azam’s documentation, including his vehicle’s registration and taxes. The meticulous examination confirmed that the cricket star had dutifully fulfilled all his obligations, leaving no room for further scrutiny. This verification showcased Azam’s commitment to fulfilling his legal obligations as a responsible citizen.

Despite the momentary inconvenience, Babar remained composed and showed his amiable nature.

In a gesture that exhibited his appreciation for the excise officers’ commitment to their duties, Babar also took selfies with the officers. This act of kindness and respect demonstrated his recognition of their efforts and highlighted the importance of fostering positive relationships between public figures and law enforcement.

News of Babar’s encounter with the excise officers at Liberty Chowk quickly spread across social media platforms. The incident served as a testament to Azam’s down-to-earth nature, endearing him further to his admirers and earning praise for his humility and respect towards law enforcement personnel.

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