Babar Azam’s motorbike ride sparks safety concerns among fans

Fans of Pakistani cricket captain, Babar Azam, have expressed concerns about his safety after he was spotted riding a heavy motorbike on the streets of Lahore. While Babar was seen wearing a helmet, many fans believe that he should not be taking unnecessary risks with his safety, especially with important events like the Asia Cup and World Cup approaching.

Given his crucial role in the success of the Pakistan cricket team, fans worry that any potential injury sustained while riding the motorbike could have detrimental effects on the team’s performance.


You are very precious bhai, please don’t ride a bike 🙏🏼❤️

— Khalid Minhas, MD FACC (@minhaskh) May 24, 2023

Easy there Bobby! Could this need for speed wait till after the ODI World Cup? 😅

— Behram Qazi 🇵🇰 🇨🇦 (@DeafMango) May 24, 2023

We have a World Cup to play in 5 months and Babar is doing such dangerous activities?

Remove him from captaincy please, irresponsible.

— f (@fas___m) May 24, 2023

We have a World Cup to play in 5 months and Babar is doing such dangerous activities?

Remove him from captaincy please, irresponsible.

— f (@fas___m) May 24, 2023

Someone please get Bobby OFF that bike. And any other bike!!!!!

— D (@Le_Sabre54) May 24, 2023


Fans understand that Babar might have personal interests and hobbies outside of cricket, and riding a motorbike could be one of them. However, they urge him to prioritize his safety, especially during crucial periods when the team’s fortunes are at stake.

The 2023 Asia Cup and World Cup are highly anticipated tournaments, where Pakistan will be aiming to compete against the best teams in the world. Babar’s presence and performance are seen as vital components for Pakistan’s chances of success.

The concern for Babar’s safety stems from the fact that any untoward incident or injury could potentially jeopardize his availability for these important tournaments. The Pakistan cricket team heavily relies on his batting prowess and leadership skills, and losing him due to an avoidable accident could significantly impact the team’s chances.


PAGHAL HOGAYE HO KYA???? Get this man off the bike now!

— Twitt.Arhum (@arhuml92) May 24, 2023

Stay safe, King. 🥺❤️

— Mujtaba Hassan Naqvi (@iMujtabaHassan) May 24, 2023


Recently, as Pakistan captain maneuvered his Audi through the congested streets of Lahore, he was stopped by excise officers who suspected a possible violation.

The officers noticed that the numbers on his plate were unusually small and did not comply with the standard size regulations. Concerned about adherence to the rules, the officers recommended that Babar replace his number plate with a standard one.

The excise officers, in adherence to their duty, also verified Babar Azam’s documentation, including his vehicle’s registration and taxes. The meticulous examination confirmed that the cricket star had dutifully fulfilled all his obligations, leaving no room for further scrutiny. This verification showcased Azam’s commitment to fulfilling his legal obligations as a responsible citizen.

Despite the momentary inconvenience, Babar remained composed and showed his amiable nature.

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